Texas lifter sets new world record with 1,125-pound bench press


A Texas weightlifter set a new world record when he bench pressed 1,125 pounds at a powerlifting competition.

Tiny Meeker, 50, a 26-time world champion powerlifter, bench pressed 1,125 pounds at the IPA National Powerlifting Championships in York, Pa., setting a new world record for the sport.

Meeker, who runs the Metroflex-Houston gym in Kingwood, Texas, with strength nutritionist Nathan Payton, said his latest accomplishment is also one of the most meaningful to him.

“This one was a lot more emotional because of what I went through,” Meeker told KTRK-TV.

Meeker said he was left injured after three car accidents in 2017.

“I tore my labrum, messed up my hips, my hamstring, my knee and my neck,” Meeker said.

Meeker was then hospitalized with atrial fibrillation in 2019.

“I was frustrated,” he recalled. “Am I ever going to freaking heal?”

Meeker said he took some time to heal and the IPA National was only his second competition since 2017.

“To me, it was unfinished business,” Meeker said. “I wanted to be the first guy, and still want to be the first guy, to bench 1,200 pounds.”

Meeker said he is planning to attempt that feat in February 2022.